Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Changing of the guard

May of 2008 is a new opportunity for us to continue with the success that Brother Rood began. We will have flash backs as time allows to remember the events of the past years.

This Blog is an opportunity for the youth and their parents and friends see the activities and learn about the great Young Men of the Clackamas Ward of the Milwaukie Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We will attempt to keep this up to date and provide a resource for everyone to keep up on our calendar. Thanks for visiting and lets start with the fun.

You are more than welcome to help us with input and suggestions as we go along.

Lets see what happens.
Super events with Coos Bay Summer, Honor Guard for the Portland Airport dedication and a Halloween Event to be proud of.

Miles of bike riding, YES boys he does ride to work. What a way to see the country side.
Yes he has driven thousands of miles to make sure that the young men are where they need to be wen they need to be there!
There has been snow, wood, food and much more involved in these great activites

Thanks Bro. Rood

For the last few years Brother Rood has lead the young men of the Clackamas Ward and helped them to honor their Priesthood and grow in the gospel. It's only right that we start by giving him a big thanks and letting him know that we really appreciate his efforts. Here are a few images form the last few year. Look for the kids you know.